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Downloads: All Versions of Firebomb

These downloads are blowing up!

Install Firebomb Plugin for Firefox 4 & 5

Compatible with Firefox 4 and Firefox 5. For other browsers, try the Firebomb Lite Bookmarklet.

Visit the Firebomb Add-on Page on the Mozilla Add-ons site. Give Firebomb a sweet rating!

After you install the Firebomb plugin, just 1. click the bomb icon in the lower right corner of your browser window, and then 2. click the page to start bombing.

1. Click the bomb icon. 2. Click the page.

Install Firebomb Lite Bookmarklet for All Browsers

Add this link to your web browser's bookmarks: Firebomb Lite Firebomb Lite
(Drag the link to your bookmarks bar, or right-click the link and select the Bookmark or Add to Favorites option. Firebomb Lite does not currently support audio.)

Buy Firebomb AR for iPhone and iPod Touch*

(*To fully enjoy Firebomb AR, your iOS device should have a camera.)

Available on the App Store